Use Science to Kill Head Lice, Not Wishful Thinking



June 15 , 2016 | Posted by Jessica Eddowes |

Use Science to Kill Head Lice, Not Wishful Thinking

science liceMost parents simply aren’t prepared for a head-lice outbreak in their home. It is almost never expected. Most rush to the Internet to search for solutions. Unfortunately, the Internet isn’t always much help. What you find when you search for head-lice remedies is a confusing, frustrating mix of well-meaning advice and untested recommendations.

You’ll find articles about so-called “super lice” that are indestructible; and then there are mothers who will swear that mayonnaise, olive oil, butter or petroleum jelly “worked for me.”

There may be truth to some of these claims, but then there may not be. And what every parent wants when dealing with head lice is for the problem to go away—fast—not guesswork or trial and error.

It’s true that many head lice are now resistant to the pesticides used in over-the-counter (OTC) lice medications. Other than that, there isn’t anything particularly “super” about them. OTC lice medications don’t kill lice eggs (nits) anyway, so unless you are willing to pick through a child’s hair strand-by-strand for a few days or weeks, you could kill the live lice and still end up with a fresh batch a week or so later.

It may also be true, as some moms claim, that household products like petroleum jelly can suffocate live lice. Regardless the scant scientific research to supporting this, suffocation doesn’t kill lice eggs either—eggs don’t breath. So the meticulous combing and picking will still be required to ensure a completely successful treatment.

Removing nits is the real challenge when it comes to head-lice removal. Each female louse can lay several eggs per day. This means that while you’re trying to kill the lice, they are laying eggs that can’t be easily killed. Eggs typically hatch in a week or so. If you aren’t able to remove every last nit, you’ll have another lice outbreak on your hands in the near future.

The good news, however, is that scientists have been at work on a completely different approach to head-lice removal that doesn’t rely on chemicals or suffocation. They have developed a medical device that has been proven to kill live lice and 99.2 percent of nits. It’s called AirAllé, and it uses warm air to dehydrate lice and eggs. The entire treatment process takes about 90 minutes. The AirAllé device has been through rigorous clinical trials and has been cleared by the FDA as safe and effective for head lice removal.

The AirAllé device is brilliant in its simplicity. As carefully controlled warm air is applied to the hair and scalp, head lice are deprived of the temperature and moisture that they need to survive.

Finally, anxious and confused parents don’t have to rely on speculation and wishful thinking when trying to get head lice out of their families! They can instead rely on sound science and proven medical outcomes

The AirAllé medical device-based lice removal is available exclusively at Lice Clinics of America treatment centers throughout the United States and around the world. There are currently more than 100 clinics in 20 countries, and this approach to lice removal is quickly becoming the standard of care in the industry.