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For far too long, parents and caregivers have endured time-consuming, expensive and only moderately effective over-the-counter head lice treatments. These treatments, along with home remedies for lice, are often inconvenient and can sometimes cause injury.

Lice Clinics of America (LCA) and our lice treatment centers exist to provide you with the safest, most effective urgent care head lice treatments that work every time, for everyone. We believe it’s important to provide lice treatment options that fit all families’ needs and budgets. Your family can receive effective head lice treatment in-clinic or at-home.

Technician performing heated air head lice treatment on blond child

Professional Heated-Air Treatment

Just book an appointment and then come to our professional lice removal clinic. In as little as one hour, with no pain or toxic chemicals involved, you or your child will leave lice-free, guaranteed.

Lice Clinics of America’s Signature AirAllé Treatment is a 3-step lice-removal process that includes:

  • Our FDA-cleared AirAllé® medical device, a heated-air lice treatment used to dehydrate lice and their eggs (nits).
  • A pain-free comb-out to remove dead lice and eggs from the hair.
  • A soothing topical rinse application.

One. Two. Three. And voila! You are lice free. Once and For All.

This professional lice treatment option is available at all Lice Clinic of America locations.

Lice Clinic of America at home handheld heated air lice treatment kit

OneCure™ Home Treatment Kit

OneCure™ Home Treatment Kit is the first and only at-home solution clinically-proven to kill lice, super lice, and 99.2% of eggs, all in a single treatment. Guaranteed. OneCure uses the same non-toxic, pesticide-free technology proven in our clinics, only you perform the treatment at home.

The OneCure lice treatment process includes the following three steps:
  • Kill the head lice and eggs (nits) using our FDA-cleared OneCure™ device that takes about 35 min.
  • Apply the provided non-toxic, pesticide-free gel.
  • Remove the dead lice and eggs (nits) using a metal lice comb.

Because hair length and thickness and level of infestation varies, total treatment time will vary as well. But your home treatment process may be done in as little as 1 hour. This lice treatment option is available in participating lice treatment clinics. Please check with your location Lice Clinics of America lice removal clinicians.
Lice Clinic of America professional strength topical treatment kit

CURE! Lice Remover Kit

Our most affordable option, the CURE! Lice Remover Kit, which is our home treatment kit, allows you to treat head lice with a safe, non-toxic, and pesticide-free gel that kills lice and super lice. Guaranteed.

Our CURE! Lice Remover Kit was developed for our professional head lice treatment clinics and includes everything needed to effectively treat lice:

  • Easy-dispense applicator to evenly distribute gel throughout hair, from roots to ends, to coat lice and eggs.
  • Proprietary, mess-free liquid gel that clings to hair and stays in place – no drips. It’s harsh on lice and super lice, yet with no harmful chemicals or pesticides.
  • Premium metal lice & nit comb to remove eggs and dead lice.

Two treatments, ten days apart, and you’re lice-free. Guaranteed.
This lice treatment option is available for purchase on Amazon and in participating clinics.


LCA clinics use the AirAllé®, an exclusive FDA-cleared medical device that kills head lice and lice eggs in a single treatment. This revolutionary device is used by certified technicians in our clinics to provide a safe, fast, and highly effective lice treatment. Treatments take about an hour.

After our certified technicians apply the heated air, they will comb out the dead lice and eggs, followed by a soothing topical rinse. Clients will leave our friendly clinics lice-free—guaranteed!


The AirAllé device utilizes microprocessor-controlled heated air to kill lice and eggs through dehydration. This is a powerful alternative to treating head lice with pesticides, herbal lice remedies, suffocation products or lice combs.

The device, which was invented by scientists at the University of Utah, kills lice and eggs through a specific combination of temperature, airflow, time, and technique.

Technical look inside the AirAlle device showing how cool air enters the box, is warmed to a perfect temperature and pushed out through a hose and delivered through a tip


Did you know the most popular over-the-counter lice product sold today is less than 45% effective in killing lice and eggs?

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