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Lice Clinics of America® Supports Moms for Mother’s Day

Lice Clinics of America wants moms to know their clinics are here for them on Mother’s Day and all year. Today’s moms are modern-day “superheroes” balancing work, home, kids and more. The stress and pressure moms face under normal circumstances is high enough, and when head lice enter the picture, it can feel like fuel

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Don’t Let Lice Drive You Mad This March

Any madness you experience this March should only involve college basketball. But as head lice become a growing problem in many areas, and spring break means kids hanging out together, it pays to be prepared and to know how to treat head lice quickly and effectively. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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No, You Don’t Have to Bulldoze Your House After Head Lice

You may have heard of parents frantically cleaning their home after discovering a child has head lice—washing every linen, shampooing pets, bagging and quarantining pillows and stuffed animals for weeks, even throwing away things for fear of contamination. These steps aren’t all necessary and understanding how lice live and spread can give you peace of

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Guide to Contagious Conditions at School

Guide to Contagious Conditions at School Schools can be petri dishes for certain health problems—an ideal place for contagious conditions to spread. Contagious conditions vary in their severity and in the manner they are spread. Here are the most common contagions and some tips to avoid them. The Cold The common cold is the most

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