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Why Head Lice Are So Hard To Beat (and How To Beat Them)

No one wants to talk about head lice. Until your child has head lice. Then you find you can’t talk or think about anything else. While head lice cause stress and embarrassment to parents, most of the stress comes from the fact they are so darned hard to get rid of. Here’s why. Lice are

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Beauty Pro Finds New Career in Lice Biz

Dayna Willbanks had reached a turning point in her career in the beauty industry. “I had been doing the same thing for 12 years and while I enjoyed it, I started to feel like there was something else out there for me to take on,” she said. What was missing was a more direct way

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Dangerous Home Lice Remedies

Home remedies for head lice have a kind of folksy appeal—using mayonnaise, olive oil, tea tree oil—seem at first blush to be benign at worst. There are also recommendations you can find for kerosene or gasoline these are just a few examples of dangerous home lice remedies! Don’t Get Burned The reality is that none

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