Head Lice: It’s Not If but When

According to government statistics, there are some 75 million children in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that 6-12 million of these contract head lice each year. That means roughly 1 in 10 ten kids will get head lice annually, making the odds pretty good that most families will

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Tables Turn When Teacher Gets Head Lice

A story in the Minneapolis Star Tribune about a teacher getting head lice has been syndicated around the country. We’re used to hearing about kids getting head lice at school—not so much with the teacher. In this case, the teacher, who only wanted to use her first name Mallory, found out she had head lice

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Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Advice When Dealing with Head Lice

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Advice When Dealing with Head Lice When a child comes home with head lice, most parents are, sadly, unprepared and go into panic mode. They rush to the drug store or doctor’s office (or Internet) and do whatever they are told because they don’t know any better. For many, many

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Head Lice or Dandruff?

Is it Head Lice or Dandruff? A 2000 study by researchers at the Laboratory of Public Health Entomology at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) found that healthcare workers, parents, and school officials often misdiagnose and inappropriately medicate head lice infestations. Parents are left scratching their heads, is it head lice or dandruff? The

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Dirty Secrets of Head Lice – Have you heard?

  It’s the call no parent wants to get. “Your child has head lice.” It usually comes from the school, or summer camp, or day care and most noteworthy, never comes at a convenient time.   Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Some 6-12 million people contract head lice in the United States each year, according to

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