New Lice Prevention Products Keep Your Family Lice-Free



New Lice Prevention Products Keep Your Family Lice-Free

Most parents don’t deal with head lice until they have to—when a child comes home with lice. This typically launches a frantic search for a way to end the problem as quickly as possible.

Until recently, that search has essentially led to three options—using drug store pesticide products, trying home remedies, or manual “nitpicking.” The problem with these solutions is that a) drug store pesticide products no longer work; b) home remedies are medically unsound at best and downright dangerous at worst; and c) nitpicking is prone to human error and often results in protracted bouts with head lice.

What’s rarely discussed, however, is how to prevent lice from finding your child’s head in the first place. There are behavioral solutions to prevent head lice (don’t share hats and hair accessories, don’t touch heads taking selfies, etc.) and there are now products available that can go a long way towards preventing head lice from hopping on your child’s head.

These products have been developed by the same company, Larada Sciences, that worked with scientists and researchers to develop the most effective lice treatment product in decades—the AirAllé medical device. An AirAllé treatment is guaranteed to cure a lice infestation in a single, 60-minute session, and is available at Lice Clinics of America urgent care centers throughout the United States.

Lice Clinics of America clinics also offer preventive products in the form of shampoos, conditioners, and sprays. The products use non-toxic essential oils with aromas that are hostile to head lice (don’t worry, they smell just fine to humans).  Because lice spread primarily through head-to-head contact, these products work as repellants. In vitro tests have shown lice avoid these essential oils.

Regular use of these products may make it less likely that your child will contract head lice. Parents that have been through the battle with head lice love the products. They know what stress, discomfort, money, and time can be saved by deterring head lice, and they are the most vigilant when it comes to lice prevention.

Treating head lice is getting more and more difficult using traditional methods. Multiple studies have shown that most lice in the United States are now resistant to the most popular lice products found on drug store shelves.  Many parents turn to the Internet for advice and are steered towards home remedies that are unproven (see what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has to say). And manual removing, a.k.a. nitpicking, is tedious, time-consuming, and prone to human error.

If it is too late for prevention and you’re dealing with head lice in your family, we recommend you get treated with the AirAllé device. The AirAllé is an FDA-cleared, Class I medical device that has been clinically proven to be safe, fast, and effective. The entire treatment process takes about an hour. There are no chemicals involved, and no nitpicking is required.

For more information about Lice Clinics of America, and to find a clinic where the AirAllé lice treatment and lice prevention products are available, visit www.liceclinicsofamerica.com.