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Why The Leading Brands No Longer Work

The leading brands are pesticide based. They were developed and approved decades ago. They are safe for people but unfortunately today they are also increasingly safe for lice. Because they have been around for so long, lice have developed an immunity to them. It is the same reason why over prescription of antibiotics has led to bacterial infections that are hard to cure.

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The media has labeled these pesticide-resistant lice “Super Lice”, and according to independent research more than half of the lice found in the United States are Super Lice. This why the leading brands fail more than half of the time and families spend large sums on useless repeat treatments, ultimately needing to seek an alternative.

That new solution is now here: Lice Clinics of America’s Lice Remover Kit. The Lice Remover Kit is non-toxic and pesticide free. It uses a unique liquid gel that detangles hair, immobilizes lice, and facilitates the removal of both lice and eggs. The gel rinses from the hair much more easily than other lice products and it has a pleasant scent.

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Treatment Type

There are three classes of over the counter (OTC) products to treat lice infestations.

Pesticide Products

Pesticide Products still dominate OTC markets around the world because their brand names are well established and they used to be highly effective.

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Pharmacists readily recommend these products because the medical community has been slow to recognize the emergence of pesticide resistant lice, so called “Super Lice”. Today, university research shows that Super Lice can be found in all 50 States and the leading pesticide brands are, on average, only 45% effective.

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Homeopathic Products

Homeopathic Products are formulated with active ingredients found on registries of non-synthetic materials, materials harvested from natural sources.

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In lice formulas, these ingredients are various forms of common salt or essential oils extracted from plants.

It all sounds great, but homeopathic products are not regulated by the US FDA. They can claim anything they want and no one is checking to assure these products really work. Ask yourself, if salt could kill lice wouldn’t swimming in the ocean be an effective lice treatment?

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Silicon Oil Products

Silicon Oil Products, or dimethicone products, are highly effective in treating lice, especially when used with a good metal lice comb.

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Dimethicone oil is a common ingredient in hair conditioner. In lice formulations it coats the adult lice smothering them. As important, the oil coats and detangles the hair and makes it much easier for the metal lice comb to remove the eggs as well as the dead adult lice.

The Lice Clinics of America • Lice Remover Kit liquid gel is dimethicone based. It is applied to the hair using the provided dispenser. This enables a high level of dose control, just squeeze enough liquid gel to saturate and coat the hair near the scalp, then rake it into the hair with the dispenser until everything is wet with the gel.

After allowing the liquid gel to sit in the hair for 10-minutes, you will use the fine tooth side of the dispenser and then the provided metal lice comb to remove lice and eggs. It’s easy and the entire process takes about an hour.

Enough liquid gel is provided for two treatments, the second treatment should be done 10-days after the first treatment as this is the optimal time to kill any lice that may have been missed in the first treatment, before they mature and start to lay new eggs.

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