Lice Free 1-2-3 is Here!

November is ‘No Lice No-vember’ at Lice Clinics of America® and clinics are offering a special ‘Lice Free 1-2-3’ program that is available through the end of the month. The offer includes: $20 professional screenings $20 credit if lice are found, and you are treated at the clinic 20% discounts on lice prevention products purchased

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The Search is Over. End the Lice-Mare Today at Lice Clinics of America.

It’s no secret that ridding a family of head lice can be stressful and time consuming—a nightmare that some have called a “lice-mare.” Most home lice treatments require repeated applications, tedious comb-outs and nitpicking, with no guarantee of success. If one nit is missed, the lice will return. Lice Clinics of America® offers an immediate,

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Doctor Warns Against “Natural” Head Lice Products

Many parents are enamored by the word “natural” when it is applied to products for themselves and their children. One area where this claim is often made is in the world of head lice treatment. There are bloggers that recommend using products like lavender and tea tree oil. The ingredients used by lice treatment products

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Natural Disasters, Shelters and Head Lice

When natural disasters strike, evacuation centers open. One unintentional consequence of creating these temporary shelters for people forced from their homes is an increased spread of head lice. Hurricane Irma “had lice,” one observer told WFTS News in Tampa Bay, Florida, as lice outbreaks became common in shelters throughout the state. “Any time you have

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