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Laugh or Cry



What Parents Say When Their Children Get Lice

If you want to know how parents feel about lice in their households, take a look at this collection of Twitter posts collected by Huffington Post parenting editor Caroline Bologna. Called “47 Tweets From Parents That Sum Up The Nightmare Of Lice Outbreaks,” the article features copies of tweets that range from the horrifying to

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Lice Again?!

When I found lice for the sixth time I wanted to scream into a pillow, but first I had to wash it! I asked my pediatrician for his best prevention advice? “Remain Childless,” he said with a straight face. Thanks a lot Dr. Dry Humor! In 2014 B.L. (Before Lice) during a more innocent era

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7 Stages Of Lice Infestation You’ll Relate To!

Welcome! It’s lice to meet you. As a mother of six parasite-prone children, I have tons of lice experience. In fact, I’m just itching to show off my “lousy” resume and if necessary, I can supply three nitwit personal references too. Letter of recommendation? Yep! I’ve got a truly hair-raising one written by a nymph, [...]



Nit Happens! Mom of 6 vs. Head Lice

  Seriously? A family with six kids gets sent plague #3?! There must be an error somewhere. “Dear God, I would like to apply for the (#9) darkness or the (#2) frogs or (#8) locusts instead. Thank you.” Already, I’ve doused my kids’ heads with tea tree and lavender essential oil, Campho-Phenique, Listerine and Cetaphyl [...]