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Monthly Archives: September 2018




The Search is Over. End the Lice-Mare Today at Lice Clinics of America.

It’s no secret that ridding a family of head lice can be stressful and time consuming—a nightmare that some have called a “lice-mare.” Most home lice treatments require repeated applications, tedious comb-outs and nitpicking, with no guarantee of success. If one nit is missed, the lice will return. Lice Clinics of America® offers an immediate,

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Keep Your Family Lice-Free All Year Long with Lice Clinics of America

Back-to-school time is peak season for head lice. Children returning to school huddle together to share stories, photos, and lots of hugs, and head-to-head contact is the primary way head lice spread from child to child. Lice Clinics of America®, the world’s largest network of professional lice treatment centers, sees a surge in cases of

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