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Website Video Options

Website Video Options

Website Video Update


1)   We’ve received requests from multiple clinic owners to have the Lice Apocalypse video added to their websites.   Our team at Larada Sciences would be happy to help include this video on your homepage and so we are extending this offer to anyone who is interested.

2)   Currently on Your website there is a DIY Video that features I HATE LICE (IHL) products.   As you know, we have discontinued the IHL products.

You have two options to consider.

Option A) is we replace the current DIY IHL video with the updated DIY Lice REmover Kit (LRK) Treatment video


Option B) we can remove the video on your site.



By clicking submit you are opting into having video content updated on your website. If you have any questions, please contact

I agree to adding the Lice Apocalypse Video to my slider.