SF Bay Area California – Lice Clinics of America – Professional Lice Removal in Redwood City, CA – Call Today!

Lice Clinics of AmericaSF Bay Area California – Lice Clinics of America – Professional Lice Removal in Redwood City, CA – Call Today!



You are not alone! We have lice treatment clinics in several Bay Area locations.

We dehydrate lice & eggs (nits) using our FDA-Cleared medical device.

Our 3-step treatment process takes as little as 90 minutes to be nit and lice free!

We Stand Behind Our Service!


San Francisco Bay Area Lice Clinics

1408 El Camino Real
Belmont, CA 94002

20406 Redwood Road – Suite A
Castro Valley, CA 94546

1001 Sneath Lane, Suite 107
San Bruno, CA 94066

545 S. Murphy Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

39237 Liberty Street – Suite D-2
Fremont, CA 94538


Lice Clinics is the absolute way to go to give you peace of mind that your lice situation has truly been eradicated. Both my daughters have been treated there and I cannot say enough about the experience. What could be a scary or embarrassing experience for kids (or adults) is made to be so comforting and relaxing. The salon is super clean, our clinician Angela was amazingly professional, friendly and comforting, and the quality of the treatment is incredible. No harsh chemicals, quick service, and they make every effort to accommodate same day appointments. (An added bonus – your flex spending account through your employer might even cover the cost.) I would recommend this salon in a heartbeat to anyone needing treatment or just needing a quick screening/diagnosis. Thank you Lice Clinics for saving me hours of time and worry!

Kamini C., February 10, 2019

The team at the clinic is amazing! They not only helped me book an appointment quickly via text before opening they answered all of my questions. My daughter had a minor case and they helped ensure no one else in the family had it either. I would recommend them to anyone that needs to deal with lice.

Katherine H., March 35, 2019

We visited our family in the Bay Area and one day before heading back home, I discovered that my daughter had lice. We certainly didn’t want to bring the uninvited guests home with us, so I contacted Lice Clinic Redwood City (Nitzy) and they were able to get us in immediately. Angela, the tech at the Redwood City location was very nice, friendly and warm. She immediately put my kids (I also brought my son to have him checked) at ease. Thankfully, my daughter was the only one that had lice (they checked both my son and I). The entire process took about an hour but it didn’t seem that long. They had ipads for the kids to use for games or watch a movie and I’m sure that helped make the time pass quicker. They used the AirAllé device to kill the lice and nits first with heat (it’s like a big hair dryer), then after that the comb out. They finished it up by putting oil in her hair and we had to let it sit for two hours before washing it off with dish soap and then shampoo.
Lice Clinic Redwood City (Nitzy) sure made the unpleasant of lice a rather pleasant experience in treatment. I highly recommend Nitzy (they also have a location in Synnyvale) to anyone with lice. I sure am glad we didn’t have to take those critters home with us. What happens in California needs to stay in California! Lol

Trang N., September 10, 2018

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Lice Treatment Options to Fit Your Needs and Budget.





Signature AirAllé® Treatment

get rid of lice

Lice Clinics of America’s Signature AirAllé® Treatment

You just book an appointment. Then come to our clinic. In as little as 90 minutes, with no pain or

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toxic chemicals involved, you or your child will leave lice-free.

LCA’s Signature AirAllé® Treatment is a 3-step lice-removal process which includes:

  • Our FDA-cleared AirAllé® device, a heated-air tool used to dehydrate lice and their eggs (nits).
  • A pain-free comb-out to remove all dead lice and eggs.
  • A soothing topical rinse application.

One. Two. Three. And voila! You are lice free.

Once and For All.

We stand behind our service.  Ask how!

This service is available at all LCA locations.

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Express AirAllé® Treatment

express-airalle-treatment Getting Rid of Lice

Lice Clinics of America’s Express AirAllé® Treatment

LCA’s Express AirAllè® Treatment kills all lice and eggs (nits), with your budget in mind.

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You can get the same lice-free results as our signature 3-step treatment. We’ll do the heat treatment in the clinic and let you do the rest at home.

The Express lice-removal process (which costs less than the Signature AirAllé® Treatment) includes the following three steps:

  • In clinic: We will safely kill the head lice and eggs (nits) using our FDA-cleared AirAllé® device during a 30-minute treatment session.
  • At home: With instructions from us, you will comb out the dead lice and eggs using a comb we provide.
  • At home: You will apply a soothing topical rinse we provide

Because you do steps 2 and 3 at home, the time involved will depend on your speed. But your home completion process may be done in as little as 45 minutes.

Available in participating clinics. Please check with your location clinicians.

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do-it-yourself-treatment How to Get Rid of Lice

Lice Clinics of America’s Do-It-Yourself Treatment

Our most affordable option allows you to treat head lice at home. Once and For All.

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Our DIY treatment kit includes all the topical treatment products required to kill head lice and remove nits. When you pick up supplies, one of our clinicians will provide detailed instructions on how to properly perform the comb-out with the DIY kit. The DIY treatment option offers savings to families to rid their loved ones of lice. But because the AirAllè® treatment is not part of the package, the DIY Treatment is conducted over a 10-day period that includes a 2-hour comb-out procedure, every other day.

Available in participating clinics. Please check with your location clinicians.

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