Lice Clinics of America – National Educator Partnership

Lice Clinics of AmericaLice Clinics of America – National Educator Partnership

national educator partnership for lice free schools

national educator partnership for lice free schools

A call to school nurses, teachers, and educators to help eradicate lice from your school.

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Don’t let your students or parents panic when they first find lice. We have the cure. Having successfully treated over 500,000 people, we can help battle any lice infestation.School nurses are on the front lines when it comes to keeping schools lice-free. Parents, students, and teachers look to you for answers and to alleviate fear, embarrassment, and discomfort whenever there’s an infestation.Lice Clinics of America offers educational resources that provide useful information to your school community, plus we’re excited to share all you need to know about our full suite of professional clinic services using our patented, superior heated air, and our in-home prevention and treatment solutions.

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When you partner with Lice Clinics of America at your school, we will provide you with FREE lice screenings and treatments your entire professional career!

Our certified technicians treat with our patented, clinically tested, precision-controlled heated air treatment, guaranteed to cure lice, super lice, and lice eggs in one treatment. Join us! Together we can keep you and your school lice-free.

Help us achieve our mission to ensure every school in America stays lice free.


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