Lice treatment: It’s all about the eggs

They go online and search for solutions, often finding multiple sources of conflicting advice. Get the over-the-counter chemicals. Try natural oils. Cover your child’s head in mayonnaise or petroleum jelly—these are a few of the most common recommendations. All of these solutions share an important shortcoming: they are focused on killing live head lice. Killing [...]



Chemical Warfare Against Lice? Think Twice.

When a child comes home with a case of head lice, most parents race to the drug store to buy an over-the-counter (OTC) lice-treatment product. These products go by many names, some of them catchy to the point of appearing benign. Many, however, contain some kind of insecticide. That’s right, insecticide. These products are asking [...]



Bringing Head Lice Out of the Cold

An estimated 6-12 million children acquire head lice every year. Odds are that people you know have dealt with this—pardon the expression—pesky condition. Yet it is also likely that few people volunteer this information within their social circles. Why? Because they are embarrassed. There is a stigma around head lice. With so many cases of [...]



A brief history of lice

An FDA cleared, clinically proven effective lice treatment is now available Louse: a type of small insect that lives on the bodies of people or animals; a bad or cruel person (Merriam-Webster) Head lice have been around for a long time. Genetic studies suggest that lice developed about 1.68 million years before homo sapiens emerged, [...]



It’s time to shed light on lice

Science and medicine have finally beaten head lice. For most parents, the news that a child has head lice induces immediate panic. Lice are gross (actually, “disgusting” is the most common term we hear). To many, a lice outbreak means your house or your kids are dirty. You will have to notify the school. All [...]



Heated Air Kills Super Lice

Many U.S. parents now choosing heated-air treatments over traditional head-lice remedies SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 19, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Head lice are becoming more and more resistant to the most popular lice-treatment products in the United States. As a result, these “Super Lice” are becoming more difficult to kill, increasing frustration and anxiety among

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