Business Opportunities

Professional Lice Removal Salons

Business Opportunities

Turning Problems into Profits

Some 12 million people in the U.S. contract head lice every year, and they spend $350 million per year trying to treat it. As lice become resistant to over-the-counter treatments, these numbers keep growing.


Ownership Opportunities

Would you like to learn more about what we are doing to solve a problem that affects millions of children every year?

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Are you interested in owning your own business? Join our team as we continue to grow in the United States and across the globe. By becoming a clinic owner you have immediate access to guaranteed solutions to rid head lice in a single treatment.

LCA clinic owners around the world are building profitable businesses that solve a never-ending problem and enjoy the satisfaction of helping families through a very difficult situation.

  • Growing, year-round demand
  • Clear competitive advantage
  • Protected territories
  • Low start-up costs
  • Delighted customers


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size of the lice market


Head-lice treatment is a $3 billion market worldwide and $350 million in the United States alone.

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Remarkably, few new lice-treatment methods have been developed in the past 30 years. Lice are highly resistant to the existing treatments that often involve toxic pesticides and are frustratingly ineffective. The professional head-lice treatment business is ripe for innovation and high growth.

Here are the facts:

  • 1 in 20 children in the United States has head lice right now.
  • Competitors and competitive products have serious limitations.
  • Modern parents lack time and patience to spend weeks treating lice with home treatments that aren’t very effective.
  • The LCA service-treatment solution is a premium, in-demand service.
  • Our product is a non-toxic treatment you can guarantee.

The revolutionary AirAllé® lice treatment medical device, offered exclusively at Lice Clinics of America (LCA) facilities is becoming the standard of care around the world. LCA owners are able to kill a client’s lice and eggs in a single treatment, guaranteed. There are LCA business owners making more than $100k annual net revenue from a single treatment center. As an LCA licensee, you too can build a profitable business with a premium brand.

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The AirAllé® Advantage


LCA is the exclusive provider of AirAllé® devices and treatment. You can build a strong business that gives peace of mind to parents seeking a single, safe, guaranteed lice treatment.

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You’ll have a competitive advantage over comb-and-pick lice-removal services that cannot use this revolutionary device.

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LCA franchises are available with exclusive territories in most states. The innovative licensing business model offers owners a low cost of entry and the freedom to develop a personalized business.

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LCA can be a powerful opportunity for entrepreneurs looking for a business with year-round demand and a service that brings physical healing and emotional relief to children and families.

  • Total Investment: $64,600-$104,500 in the first year for set-up and operations
  • Business model: Franchise
  • Franchise fee: $42,000 for a single territory, with multi-territory discounts available
  • Financing: Third-party financing may be available
  • Commitment: Full-time commitment or executive models available
  • Pricing: Franchisees can price services according to their preference
  • Products: In addition to the AirAllé® medical device, LCA offers non-toxic DIY treatments clinics can sell to clients who prefer to treat lice themselves, or who require a lower cost option
  • Training: Full training and certification on equipment, treatment process and business operations
  • Support: National advertising, national lead generation, local advertising consulting

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Why LCA?

Head lice have been pestering humans for millennia. Each year in the United States alone, 6 to 12 million cases are reported. This is not just a public health issue. It is also a tremendous business opportunity. 

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LCA offers a breakthrough head-lice treatment that is quickly becoming the standard of care. When children come home with head lice, parents typically fly into a panic, trying just about anything they can find to rid themselves of lice as quickly as possible. This is where LCA comes in. We offer a simple, fast, effective single treatment—and the lice and eggs are gone for good, guaranteed! Traditional lice treatments are slow and unreliable, taking weeks to complete, with repeated combings and inspections. A fresh outbreak will take place if every single egg has not been removed. At the same time, head lice are building immunities to existing lice treatment products. Homegrown remedies are even less certain to work.

LCA offers the AirAllé® system, an FDA-cleared medical device proven effective at killing both lice and eggs in a single treatment. Using only heated air, the device has been clinically proven to kill lice and 99.2 percent of lice eggs through dehydration. The device has been used in hundreds of thousands of successful treatments. As a non-toxic, non-pesticide treatment, it is safe, fast, and—most importantly—effective. People love it! As an LCA licensee, you too can build a profitable business with a premium brand.

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“We see a world empowered by science to treat head lice safely, swiftly, and without stigmas.”