Lice Alert


Lice Alert

Help Your Community and Help Yourself

We are all concerned about lice in our communities. Lice Clinics of America is dedicated to rid households of lice Once and For All.
Our clinics are in neighborhoods like yours, ridding these communities of lice and super lice. We are diligently collecting data from our certified lice clinicians throughout the country to map out the lice outbreaks.

You can help us with this battle against super lice.

We encourage you to report lice outbreaks in your area. Your submissions are valuable and will help keep families and communities informed.

To check for active lice incidents in your area, just put in your zip code below and we’ll alert you of an outbreak of lice or super lice in your area.

Lice affects 6 to 12 million young people every year, in neighborhoods and  communities like yours. With your help in reporting lice in your area, we can keep families like yours forewarned and forearmed.

Thank you for your support!

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