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A world where the clarity of information about head lice and effective head lice treatment vastly outweighs the stigmas surrounding it, and communities are empowered to safely and swiftly treat the problem of lice for happier

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and healthier children, families, schools and communities.

We achieve this vision by:

Combatting bad, poorly communicated, or even outright dangerous information.
Becoming a trusted resource for parents, medical professionals and other caregivers.
Starting each consumer journey with effective and informed brand storytelling backed by the power of scientific data.
And finishing that journey with caring, professional staff, and the safest, most effective treatment options on the market.
Together, we can provide communities with safer, more innovative choices that allow parents and children to quickly get their lives back in order, and feeling better than ever.

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Claire Roberts, CEO – “We help children and their families get rid of lice and get back to normal. Lice do not discriminate and I’m committed to making sure that mothers and parents around the world have the products they need to help their children.”


Lice Clinics of America offers a comprehensive suite of products and services available in both our urgent care clinics and major retailers. Our DIY solutions start at $20 and end lice infestations in two applications.

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Our heated air solutions cure lice in 90 minutes, and come in both DIY and full clinic service options. And in the product pipeline are solutions that will fundamentally change how lice is treated in developing nations.

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