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Head lice are such a nightmare. We can end it!

We’ve crushed more than 400,000 case of head lice. We’ll crush yours too.

Our FDA-cleared, clinically proven medical device has ended the lice-mare for more than 400,000 people worldwide. We’re so confident that it will end yours too that the service is guaranteed.

Our FDA-cleared AirAlle medical device uses warm air to dehydrate head lice and nits all at once. It’s clinically proven to kill live lice and more than 99% of eggs (nits). It is the safest, fastest, most effective lice treatment available.

Treatment is available in more than 300 Lice Clinics of America professional urgent care lice treatment centers. Find one near you.



Think you can end the nightmare on your own?

At last, a home lice treatment product that works. Guaranteed.

Pesticide-free, non-toxic, no-mess solution makes beating lice a cinch.

Treating head lice at home is now about as easy as combing your hair.

The Lice Remover Kit is a pesticide-free, non-toxic solution formulated by the same team that developed the FDA-cleared AirAlle medical device. A built-in applicator makes it easy to use, and it’s guaranteed to work!

It’s no secret that the most popular over-the-counter head lice products don’t work. 98% of lice are now immune to the pesticides they use. That’s right. Pesticides. You didn’t know you were putting pesticides in your child’s hair? Now you don’t have to. The end of your lice-mare is just a click away.